Friday, June 8, 2007

Tiny Victories

After being 'forewarned' a couple weeks ago that she would most likely need transfusions twice per week now, my mom hasn't needed a transfusion since her very first one. Yay, mom!

I know this doesn't mean anything has ultimately changed in her underlying condition... it still is what it is. It's just nice to see my mom and dad rallying around this shared vision and goal of "building" her blood to avoid the need for transfusions. Their bi-weekly announcements of, "nope - no need for a transfusion again!" have become mini-celebrations and tiny victories for our family!

Mom is definitely feeling stronger than she was a few weeks ago, but still frustatingly 'pooped' compared to her apparent 'perfect health' just a few short weeks ago. It's all part of God's perfect plan... absolutely nothing else makes sense!

Since we're still waiting for the official bone marrow biopsy results to differentiate between breast cancer metastasized to the bone vs. leukemia, the oncologist still hasn't really begun any official treatment. Mom had already started taking Arimidex again - nothing else though since this all began. The protocol she has been following in the meantime is focused on rapidly rebuilding health.

Her diet has been wonderful for many years, so she really hasn't had to tweak much there... she's just made sure to lay off excessive soy products (and stick to fermented ones), since the jury is still out on the soy/reproductive system cancers (breast, prostate, etc.). She eats an enormous amount and variety of fresh, organic, seasonal fruits and vegetables. She drinks a Greens First breakfast shake daily, religiously takes ultra pure fish oil (Innate Choice is our favorite) and is taking high 'doses' of glyconutrients as well as medicinal mushrooms.

Who knows why she's feeling better and stronger right now... if it's her holistic protocol, her incredible outlook on life, or just God workin' his plan! What I DO know is that I don't know... nor does anyone else, regardless of how many letters they have behind their name! So, for now, we're just happy to go with whatever seems to be giving mom a better quality of life - and celebrate the tiny victories with her!

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