Thursday, October 18, 2007

Simple Cancer Prevention Tip

There's nothing simple about cancer. But there are simple things we can do, or stop doing, to decrease our risk factors for developing cancer.

The hormonally-related cancers, like breast and prostate, are related to the amount of toxic, imbalanced estrogens that accumulate in our cells over time. Cruciferous vegetables like broccoli, Brussels sprouts and kale are great at helping pull these toxins out of our system. If the thought of eating some of those makes your nose turn up, then you can also take supplements high in these beneficial properties to assist your ‘estrogen-detox’. One example is a product called D.I.M.

Another very easy and effective way to do this is to add a couple tablespoons of ground flaxseed to your daily intake. Put it on your salads, on your cereal, in your smoothie… in whatever you can. We are bombarded with dangerous xenoestrogens daily in our environment. Estrogen is good and necessary in our body, but not when it gets out of balance and in an unnatural form. Cooking or heating food and beverages in plastic is one of causes of toxic estrogen accumulation in our bodies. That’s another easy one for you to fix ASAP!

Monday, October 15, 2007

Treatment for Cachexia

Our family finally found help in identifying what was happening in my mom's body - she's in a state of cachexia. Very simply, it's the stage when cancer cells turn to healthy cells, like muscle and organs, for food. This is why mom has been "wasting away" right in front of us. Ultimately, it doesn't matter right now if her cancer is spreading or not (the focus of her hormone treatment) - if the body is in cachexia, the focus turns to keeping the patient alive long enough to treat the cancer.

I can't even imagine why none of the oncologists or other specialists she has seen over the last several months have never mentioned this, or never offered help. They offered more tests after saying, "...hmmm. Something's going on here. You should be getting better..." She was actually rushed to emergency last week, and released because "everything was normal"!!!! Give me a break!

This just all proves my point that orthodox medicine doesn't even come CLOSE to having all the answers, as they'd have us believe. Hey, I'm totally OK with a profession being there to handle some of the health/sickness problems that people face... BUT that profession should announce its limitations loud and clear!!! They can't fix everything, and in fact can make many things worse.

I firmly believe that every person who is "in" medicine (doctors, nurses, etc.) chose the profession because they truly thought it was the best way to help their fellow humans. I believe they are good people - great people. I just know that their "cookbook for health" has very few recipes... and they're all very similar recipes, with similar ingredients! It's pretty ignorant AND arrogant AND ridiculous AND CRIMINAL to think that you have the one and only cookbook on the planet that people should be allowed to use to create their meals!!! There are wonderful, delicious, healthy, satisfying and safe flavors from all over the world that anyone has the right to consume! I suppose the fear is that we just might like those other recipes better... and realize that they tasted better, made us feel better and cost less!!

ANYHOW, we found a 2-part cachexia treatment for mom. She'll start it ASAP. I only hope we found it in time. Just wish a "professional" in the business of cancer would have helped us months ago. I don't know if it'll "work". But I DO know we should have been given the opportunity much earlier (then I guess we never would have been in this situation in the first place!).

On the site, we found the protocol and related information on the link for stage IV treatments for patients who have lost a lot of weight, who are weak, who have "cachexia". Feel free to email me if you're having any challenge locating the information.

I Finally Found REAL Help!

FINALLY! After months (years actually) of frustrating research... coming up with "junk" science, questionable studies and toxic treatments... I finally found an incredibly thorough website designed to HELP people living with cancer.

Let me be clear - I get NOTHING for passing this site on to you - I am not affiliated with this site or any of the clinics or products referenced in any way. I just want more people to have this potentially life-saving resource at their disposal.

The site is

God Bless.