Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Transfusions - The Cocktail of Life!

My mom's blood count has been dropping steadily for the last several weeks. As of now, her oncologist is still uncertain if this is breast cancer metastasized to bone, or if it's leukemia. Either way, it still stinks! She had a bone marrow biopsy yesterday to determine if it's leukemia or not.

It's hard to believe that in late March she was still "power walking" a couple miles every day and felt absolutely perfect. This has all happened so 'quickly', yet my educated mind knows that this takes a lifetime to develop.

Yesterday she had her first blood transfusions - 2 pints. When I first met up with her at the Cancer Clinic in the morning, I was stunned at how she had deteriorated in just the 2 days since I had last visited. She seemed so much older, and frail, and confused and disoriented. It really threw me. Then, within an hour of being hooked up to the "happy juice", I literally saw my mom come back! She was vibrant, funny, perky... and she ate like a horse! It was hilarious!

She had a much better night last night and day today than she's had a many weeks. Although the transfusions don't solve the underlying problem, it sure is wonderful to see the life come back in someone... even if just for a short time. More time to give some love!

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